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Shane Moody Yoga teacherShane Moody

Yoga found Shane way back in 1982. He never realised that his first class would take him on a life long journey of self discovery!

 Shane was fortunate to have two teachers that nurtured and developed his keen interest on the subject of  Iyengar Yoga. This encouragement inspired him to start his daily practice. This journey was soon to put Shane on a collision course to meet a man by the name of John leebold. John had already established the W.A School of Yoga back in 1986 and would later become Shane’s mentor for many years to come.

Shane resided in India for a 5 month period  in 1987. This was to be an amazing Yogic experience and a total immersion into the Indain culture.

On his return to Margaret River, Shane began teaching classes in Iyengar Yoga and this was to carry on for several years.

In 1994  Shane passed his introductory level 1 course and currently now holds his junior intermediate level 2 in Yoga teaching. Shane holds daily classes, regional workshops and overseas retreats.

“I have been teaching full time for the past 20 years.  I believe that if you are to pursue the practice of  yoga, one must dedicate both there heart and soul 100% to the cause.”

Shane continues to travel to India every few years to continue his study with the Iyengar family.  He also attends workshops and national conventions with other senior practitioners around Australia.

“Now that Guruji has left this earthly plane, I feel more so than ever before,  that his legacy of yoga should never fade. With the knowledge that we have acquired from his teachings we shall continue to keep the flame burning for generations to come.”

“The roots and foundations have been built and we must now extend the branches within the Iyengar tradition”

Shane has two beautiful grown up children who have spent many years watching his dad do yoga!

He is also trying to convince them to take it up aswell?

Watch This Space…!

Travis Micale 

Travis started his yoga practice in 1990 At the Fremantle yoga centre , under the guidance of teacher Kael Leaf.

After his first class he knew he would practice yoga for the rest of his life .

Travis moved to Margaret River chasing the elusive dream every surfer has…perfect waves.  On his arrival, Trav found the Margaret River Yoga School and continued to practice under Shane Moody. Over the years he has attended numerous workshops with many of the senior Iyengar teachers from all around Australia. Some of these teachers include John leebold,  Allan Goode, and  Caroline Coggins.  One of his biggest inspirations has been Geeta Iyengar for her uncompromising ability to get the best from her students.

Travis teaches most Monday nights when not away working and has developed a consistent following through his simple approach to the traditional asanas and relaxation.

Travis truly believes in the following  BKS IYENGAR quote

“Yoga is a light which once lit will never dim. The better your practice the brighter the flame”.

Travis Micale yoga teacher profile


Yoga teacher pose


Monica McGrath 

Attending her first Iyengar yoga class back in 1992,  kindled a fire within, that has taken Monica on a wonderful journey of self discovery ever since. From that time Monica has continued with regular yoga classes and home practice.

Her teacher training has been facilitated by respected senior teachers such as John Leebold and Marina Jung. Attending numerous workshops and retreats as well as the Iyengar Institute in Pune India, has been a wonderful, enriching and humbling experience.

“The Study of the yoga sutras, and the adaptation of these philosophies to daily life has been a challenging, demanding and rewarding learning experience.

Yoga continues to confront and comfort me on many levels; physically, cognitively, emotionally and spiritually.

I have enjoyed sharing my passion of Iyengar Yoga with students of all ages and abilities during the past ten years of my teaching  journey.” 

Monica teaches most beginners classes and attends classes regularly with Shane moody.



Clyde Huxtable 

Before yoga, Clyde felt energetic, restless and without purpose. As a result of these emotions Clyde put a keen and focused emphasis on his personal growth and development. Over time, this would allow him to learn the concept of how to link the mind, body and spirit to influence his thinking.

“I found yoga 27 years ago and my world has been broadening ever since. Over the years I have been inspired by the teachings of Mr Geeta Iyengar, John Leebold and Shane moody amongst many others.”

Clyde has been a certified Iyengar teacher for the past 14 years.

“Yoga has never failed to impress me with its limitless horizons and personal challenges. I am also amazed at the broad spectrum of  students that attend classes regularly. It’s amazing watching people reshape their lives!”

“Yoga has been an important ingredient in maintaining my happiness and inner  peace. I share yoga with a deep sense of gratitude from both giving and receiving.

To summarise,  I would say that yoga is essentially a keystone on the path into ones self.”


Margaret River yoga teacher profile



Ally Hately

allyAlly Hately, previously a performer, is currently a teacher and teacher,s assistant at the Margaret River Yoga School. In 2016 she completed her third year of training with John Leebold leading to the acquisition of Introductory Levels I & I I Iyengar Teaching Certificate. Coming from a background in movement and dance, Ally wishes to share the stability and meditation in each asana. Working with Shane Moody,  she encourages new students to try something fresh and supports existing students in their deepening practice. When not practicing yoga Ally is busy raising her children and focusing on further yoga studies.